Bush School Former Student Network

Chartered in July 2008, The Bush School Former Students Network is the first college-affiliated constituent network of The Association of Former Students. The Network provides current and former students the opportunity to directly influence the success and growth of the Bush School through expansion of the Aggie Network, enhancement of education opportunities for current students, and continued professional development for former and current students.


This year’s board is going to focus on strengthening the organization, and developing a communications strategy.


The purpose of The Network is to increase the supply of highly competent, highly ethical, and highly dedicated public servants throughout the world educated at the Bush School by

  1. encouraging the continued flow of outstanding student candidates to the Bush School,
  2. assisting the Bush School in keeping its curriculum and educational programs relevant to the current needs of public policy practitioners by communicating with the School administration,
  3. serving as a comprehensive support network within the Texas A&M system for current and former students as they pursue their careers,
  4. promoting the visibility of the Bush School and helping the School meet its financial needs, and
  5. maintaining continued interest of former students in the success of the Bush School and Texas A&M through active membership in The Bush School Former Students Network and The Association of Former Students.